Otile Brown with his new bae
Are Otile and Nabayet back together?

Otile Brown has bragged about his bedroom skills while speaking to Juma Jux on Instagram. The artiste who is about to drop his album ‘Just In Love’ says that he is confident that he is good in bed

Asked whether his girlfriend Nabbi is pregnant, Otile said he is yet to get the news

‘You know I’m a sharp shooter, she said she has a surprise for me. She hasn’t told me yet. But what I know is that I’m a sharp shooter’

When he broke up with Vera Sidika, she accused him of not satisfying her in bed adding that he has a small cassava.

But Otile now says that he and ex-lover Vera Sidika do not talk at all

When its over, I feel like everyone should just go their separate way but most women like to announce it after break up. But you need to learn from the failed relationship.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown
The two lovers together

After breaking up with Sidika, he started a relationship with Ethiopian bae Nabbi. Sidika on the other hand dated Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa and have since separated.

‘Stick to singing for broken-hearted gals and wives,’ fans tell Otile Brown after dissing Diamond