Singer Akothee has seen the light. The controversial mother of five during an interview with Kiss FM said that she was saved but wasn’t going to change her dress code.

Ever since I came from Turkana I’m a new person.

People see me do gospel in the morning and don’t know what this year came with. I got saved. But I won’t change my dress code. I came out of my mother’s womb naked.

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In another candid interview with, Akothee revealed that she is a prayerful woman and prays while naked.

I am a God-fearing woman and I actually pray naked.

The singer posing in white

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Akothee’s confessions have left many surprised and below are some of the comments from Kenyans:

Agnes Ayako Size eight alitabiri madam boss aokoke, hey praise GOD

Binti Ben 😂😂😂Akothee u are saved and you wont change your dressing code

M. A. Williamson I’m not Kenyan, but I admire the philanthropist this lady is. If only the world had more of her. Kudos to her, this is admirable.

Veronica Keribo Very inspiring lady. Be blessed so much

Evelynn Simaloy Weh! Nimeogopa size 8… wonderful job Akothee aka madam integral boss

Winnie Ngesa Akothee big up!!!! President of single mothers

Lydia Mary Few Weeks ago I watched Size 8; ask Akothee to get born again and she was scared of the whole idea due to how some of we as Christians put up the act. I must say that i bless God Almighty and the Holy Spirit. This is the beginning of a journey and am humbled. Akothee, God does not look at our dressing and outward actions, all God Needs is a pure heart. I know for sure that God is going to use you to touch lives. just take every day at a time. God Bless. and to Size 8 that’s a soul back to the Kingdom.

Jane Muriithi Esther is blessed woman from the time bible

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Rose Oduor ahaaa i like it when she said she got saved but she won’t change her dressing code coz she came out of her mother naked…….ahaaaa hilarious

Margaret Wanjiku Akotheee thank God for you…may God bless you and expand you