Wonders shall never seize!

A married woman has left social media users surprised after she confessed that she has been cheating on her husband with two other men one being her brother-in-law.

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The woman, who is set to walk down the aisle soon with her partner, revealed that she got pregnant by another man and aborted the child but she cheated again and now pregnant with her brother-in-law’s child.

She claims she loves her husband so much and telling her she is carrying his elder brother’s child might hurt him.

“I got pregnant for another man, he accepted me and took care of my child, I got pregnant for another man again but I aborted it so that I don’t hurt him.
He finally went to see my parents and I saw his own too preparing for the wedding plans and I am pregnant for his elder brother.
I think I am cursed. Instead of hurting him, should I just pretend that the pregnancy is his? He is too emotional, he might hurt himself. I love him so much I don’t know why my womb is sensitive…”

What do you think she should do?

Check out reactions from social media;

Ajuriwaateete: You just said it all, you’re cursed no need thinking

Chiamaka.david: Why are you this promiscuous?

Camarachi: Seriously darling. ..it doesn’t hurt to keep your legs closed….you can’t say you love him and you keep hurting him and yourself like this. You need plenty of God’s grace…

John_akharume: Hmmm. Wickedness

Drchidinma: You are insane.

Ollyde_couture: You are cursed indeed.

Busolaprecious: You need to pray hard

Iamesumaa: You’re not cursed. ..you lack self control.

King_messamez: You don’t love him you love the fact that he loves u and I don’t want to lose that, you are heartless

Affyliya: You need a doctor to help you stitch your P***y…

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Ivy: Madam it’s obvious you don’t like true happiness.. please leave that poor man alone or get deliverance since you can’t keep your legs closed