Akothee's family
Akothee's family

Akothee has for the first time revealed that she is no longer in a relationship with her mzungu baby daddy, Dominic (the father of her lastborn child).

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She said she is co-parenting with Dominic and he’s a good father.

He told me yesterday as I was crying leaving the boys behind again 😭😭😭 “but mpenzi yangu, the kids are happy here, they know you have to work! We are all proud of you! Live your life, travel the world, when you come back, we are still here.  you are still young, energetic and working. I am old and retired, so you can count on me,’ she posted.


He treats the two boys equally like the 3 girls too, he refers to my children as our children, Dominic is more of a father to me.

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The mother of five went ahead to confirm that they broke up four years ago.

‘Mpenzi yangu’ That’s the name he gave me since we met on May 15, 2009. Ojwang (the singer’s fourth child) was barely a month old. It has never changed, even when we broke up in 2015 I am still his MPENZI YANGU. ANGELS EXIST IN THIS WORLD. I broke up with him because I was stupid, ona sasa nina hangaika, and he will also not take me back.

Akothee went ahead to shower the caucasian man who resides abroad with two of her children.

the man who packs my suitcase still hugs me, cooks for me, drops and picks me up from the train station, still books my flight, hotel and expect nothing in return. Every time I want to refund the money he tells me not to,’ she explained.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers also said that the mzungu ex has warned her not to get more kids.

last question “You haven’t met anyone yet? they all reject you”, but don’t bring more children here, I have enough (two boys and three girls).

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