Bishop Allan and Reverend Kathy Kiuna’s daughter Vanessa Kiuna’s wedding was the talk of the town.

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The invites only wedding ceremony took place at Vanessa Kiuna’s parents’ plush home in Runda in 2016.

Vanessa and her mzungu bae Robert Kovac dazzled at their wedding.

Their expensive wedding attracted a lot of criticism from Kenyans. Vanessa’s gown, which many termed as explicit for a pastor’s daughter left tongues wagging.

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The expensive wedding was uploaded on Samantha Bridal’s YouTube channel and Vanessa spoke out about why she chose the dress.

All I kept on thinking was should I wear the dress to pease everyone on my wedding day or should I wear something I have always dreamed of? And I thought I get married once.

Vanessa Kiuna

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She added that,

Say what you have to say but I felt happy, very beautiful and comfortable. One thing I think the world forgets is I am a pastor’s daughter. Am not a pastor.

Vanessa Kiuna
Vanessa Kiuna and her dad Bishop Allan

Kathy Kiuna also made remarks about her daughter’s dress and she said,

Her dress, I’ve never seen anything like that anywhere in the world with anybody, not even Beyonce. You couldn’t touch it. Her dress was an expensive piece but was worth every coin. The gown took six months to be made. It hugged her body very well. The LITTLE buttons to the back… and then the sheer all over at the back and the sides, you would always think that’s the skin and she looked good.

Vanessa Kiuna1


She is a young 25-year-old. She has her life. She’s not a pastor so if she was to look nice and wear that I support her. It (dress) wasn’t showing anything. There was nothing revealed. It was just a beautiful hugging dress that looked absolutely beautiful. I would wear that if I had that body.

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