Gospel star Mr Seed has finally come out to address issues he had with his fellow artiste, Weezdom, who is signed under Bahati’s label.

Mr Seed believes that Weezdom was the mastermind behind orchestrating the leaking of his sex scandal.

“It hurt me so much, I cried for a week. I locked myself in the house. [I’m shocked that] a humanbeing can come and do this. God helped and healed me. I was heartbroken to tell you the truth, why did that have to happen?” Mr Seed lamented.

The sex scandal was the talk of the town. If you missed that check out the link below.

Leaked conversation of Mr Seed’s best friend, Ndume, telling star’s fan to cover up the affair

Mr Seed was bitter that someone can go after his relationship and young family. Fortunately, that did not break his family up. He had a traditional wedding a few weeks back.

The couple, Mr Seed and Nimo have a song together.


He said this was his “first interview since the scandal broke”.

Asked about Weezdom’s denial in leaking his scandal, after all he even shade tears on national radio protesting his innocence. Mr Seed had no kind words.

“Kwani me ni God. I’m not anyone’s mother?! When did he cry? I never saw that. Now let tell you tunaweza zoeana but never touch my family. That is sensitive. I have love for the whole gospel industry. I have just started a family when I see people I know fighting my family it hurts.”

Check out the interview below where Mr Seed congratulated Bahati on welcoming their new born.

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