Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli has finally revealed that there is no man that is driving her crazy -none at all!

In the recent past, Muli was rumoured to be dating Jared Nevaton, the Shabana FC chairman.The two were spotted occassionally having fun as Muli flaunted their photos on social media and at some point she posted a photo and captioned it ‘Bae.’

This gave fueled fans’ speculation that the two were dating.

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It seems the rumoured relationship is not a bed of roses as the screen siren has revealed that she is not in love using Tekno Miles’ lyrics.

“Love is what i see when I Look at you. Disclaimer I’m not in Love I’m just singing along to Tekno Miles I hear he is coming to Kenya 🇰🇪”

She went on to express her feelings with Diamond Platnumz’s lyrics to his ‘heartbreak’ song Basi.

“Acheni Simba aitwe Simba @diamondplatnumz this is one of your best written songs I absolutely Love it, Please do a video… Mi mwenzenu tena basi
Oh mapenzi sitaki
Oh mwenzenu tena basi
Basi sitaki
Yalinifanya nikaugua
Mara napanga napangua
Mwili ukakonda nikapungua
Ah sikulala”

This is a song Diamond Platnumz released when he was breaking up with ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu. A deep song that explains how he is ‘fed up’ with love… Yes, just like Muli.

That is proof enough that the beautiful Lilian Muli is yet to find the love of her life. Mafisi mpo?