Gidi Gidi

Speculation was rife that Radio Jambo’s morning presenter Joseph Ogidi aka Gidi Gidi was leaving Kenya’s top Swahili station Radio Jambo.

Well, it turned out to be a hoax. He still joined his breakfast co-host Ghost Mulee today for their show.

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Gidi na GhostAnyhow, Gidi Gidi confirmed he is not leaving in a live session with fans on his Facebook page.

“I am not leaving Radio Jambo, that can only happen if my boss tells me to do so,” Said Gidi.

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Gidi Gidi

In addition to this, Gidi had a surprise for his fans.

He said, “Over the last 11 years as a Radio host, I have seen alot of development in the media industry. Our listners too have grown past the traditional radio to digital platforms.”

Gidi continued,

“It is on that note that I am proud to introduce to you my personal App that will connect us more with fans. Kindly download the trial version on”

The app will have his live shows, podcasts and a chance to meet a soulmate.

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