Controversial gospel singer Willy Paul is back after winning nothing at the just concluded Groove Awards. The Fanya hit singer over the weekend left Kenyans wagging tongues after he pulled publicity stunts.

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The Fanya hit singer over the weekend left Kenyans wagging tongues after his appearance on TV.

Willy Paul, during an interview with The Trend, removed his socks leaving many wondering how unprofessional he was.

“Did he want us to see that he was wearing expensive shoes?” one of his followers asked.

Then last Friday, while on national TV, Willy Paul also pulled another stunt and this time round, he took out a Ksh.1000 note and wiped sweat off his brow, because he hadn’t carried a handkerchief.

Towards the end of the show, Willy Paul took out a bundle of currency in a thousand Kenyan shilling denominations and threw the cash into the air towards the studio audience causing havoc on air.

The audience scrambled for the cash as Willy Paul watched then later left.

Kenyans seem not to be happy with the gospel artiste. They are busy lashing out at him on social media begging him to help the needy. Here are some of the comments;

Annie Maina: Pride comes before a fall, be humble, you don’t know what life will bring tomorrow.What is this now????pure ghetto…no matter how wealthy he is no one can erase poor mentality in his mind.

Hoshea: Pozze we ni umbwa na si ati nini I was watching the show and hiyo kugawa doo si picha poa..wee juzi juzi ulikuwa boi wa MATHARE na haukuwa na doo kama si Gloria Muliro bado ungekuwa ghetto ..kumbuka Pride comes before a fall afhadhali hiyo doo ungepeleka CHILDRENS HOME moja huko Mathare…saa ulishajionyesha what did u gain with kuringa???

Mkdolly: You need Jesus..that is not sharing..may the Lord work in ua life before he humbles u..Jesus fed 5000 pple did he throw the food at them?? pride comes before a fall..evaluate ua life before its too late..nasema kwa upendo like your fellow believer.

The Tiga Wana singer couldn’t resist but reply;

Willy.paul.msafi: mmkdolly I’m not Jesus I’m Willy nimekukosoa tu kwa upendo

Conceptar Namwakira: This is purely demonic.. Kenyan stop being naive. Which God is being praised here… God holy holy holy creator of heaven… No !!!!! This is not God… That money is not clean money… You take it…your own is finished…. This guys mock God…their songs provoke Him to anger…. If they don’t repent and the pple who also support their rubbish… God’s terrible anger is upon… Be warned… God is very holy His eyes can’t stand this nonsense..any song that is sung in hip hop…lingala… Reggae tone… Rapped this kind of songs don’t give glory to God Almighty.

Dismas Mogeni: A clear line drawn between true gospel artists and those in the calling. But it is in God’s revelation that will be witnessed.

Rexin: Kuna wagonjwa wakufa hosipitalini hawana uwezo ya kupata matibabu private hospitals bro, y don’t you help them coz they need you more than those ones you are throwing money to. Anyway, do wot your heart desires than what we think.Respect GOD too
Kahannah Mwenyewe: Why show off when you don’t care about your mother just wait for that thunder that will strike you.

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Hoshea: Juzi hapa ww fala unaitwa willy paul ulitoa socks kwa @Thetrend ndio tuone umevaa Gucci shoes ..wewe ni shameless….u will fail in your life terribly..@willy.paul.msafi
Simon Mumoh: Willy is overwhelmed by the good lifestyle brought by his nyimbo za injili. The way he is splashing them shows he has a long way to be an accomplished investor. I remind him of the late Samuel Kamau Wanjjru.

Richard Nyakinya: Pride comes before a destruction (Proverbs 16:18). You see when you are destroyed, you cann’t rise up but when you fall, you can

Helmut Geoffrey: Willy Paul that was your money, misuse it bro alafu ikiisha kuja getto tuchome mahindi, au sio

William Onyango: Display of stupidity and Moral bankruptcy!!!

Dennis Mkula: Willy Paul kiburi sasa kinakunyemelea kama uchawi.I just wish you know the consequences of pride.wahúna hubìra nda.Mwogope Mungu anachukia wenye kiburi.

Isadat Kassim: Man leave that habit to Ivan Ssemwanga, the late Zari’s ex-husband who owned more than 20 schools of which 3were international schools in South Africa. You try that, you risk of becoming a pauper.