Man crying

A married city man has been criticised after he revealed that he’s not happy with his wife’s small boobs.

The father of one said he has given up hope, hoping that his wife’s breasts would grow but nothing has changed.

‘I love my wife’s personality and her pretty face but she doesn’t have big breasts yet I love big ones. I was convinced that her boobs would grow after she gives birth but nothing has changed. She gave birth two months ago but her boobs are still the same. Will they ever grow? Can someone recommend a cream? I fear for surgery. If they don’t grow I will never be happy in my life.’

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Reactions include;

sueno_ovy So your wife should go under the knife to satisfy your stupid love for big boobs

desolaaaa In this life,Please marry someone you’re physically attracted to o…imagine na!!!like you didn’t see all these before you guys got married

philip.blair19 Why are you complaining, You know she didn’t have breast before you marry her. Why complain now?

babajideoke It’s usually after the 4th child o. Keep trying bro

rhikky_kingsley This is a joke right cos if not jethis kind thing/man

berry_esquire Yes it will grow after you rot in hell 😩

pearlmade_ Don’t marry someone hoping for a change. There may be a change but be happy with what you have as you hope for a change. Many have been disappointed thinking a change will come after marriage. Be it physical change or change in character

whumzee_beautyplanet It can never grow.. Bro. Accept your fate

rachaelaudu_ this man is shameless.

the_fly_foot_doctor It will not grow. So what are you going to do now? Didn’t you see the size before you got married?? Why are some people so pea-brained?

amah_ra This man is not serious.Men are busy running around doing DNA test and your own problem is small breast???shame on you

miss__socrates She must be very senseless rubbing creams for a husband as senseless as you…what if she gets cancer due to all the stuff she is applying

omolabi_og Didn’t you see her before you married her

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