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Diamond Platnumz’ manager Babu Tale has come out to clarify that he is not dead.

The manager had to clear swirling death rumors after he was hospitalized on Wednesday.

Hours later, the interwebs was wild with news that he had kicked the bucket following a short illness.

To alley the fear of his fans, Babu Tale took to his Instagram to inform his friends and family who were concerned that he is okay.

“Asante Mungu nimerudi home salama apana chezea dengu. Yule MBU ni bishoo lakini anakukaza kweli. Niwape pole ndugu zangu mliostushwa na habari za Mimi kutangulia mbele ya haki,” read Babu Tale’s update.

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Adding, “Me mzima bado Mungu ajanipangia siku ikifika hata liyenipost Leo atokua bando limemkatikia kwa laana ya kusingia masharif.”

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Janga la Dar asante @resolutioninsurancetz

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Translated to English, the post read:

“I thank you God for allowing me to return home safely. I would like to let me brothers – family and friends – know I’m okay and apologize for the alarming news of my death. I’m alive today, God hasn’t seen it fit to take me yet.”

The news of his reported death hit the news after he was hospitalised for a short period of time. Babu Tale did not disclose why he was admitted.

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