Famous child star Stella, from the popular TV show Machachari, has come out to rubbish claims that she is an addict.

Stella whose real name is Natasha Ngegie was up in arms after sections of blogs published reports of her being a lesbian and an addict.

Setting the record straight, the all grown actress has put out a statement trashing those claims.

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“LET ME ADDRESS THE NATION!” Stella wrote, “A YouTube video has been circulating and rumours have it I’m a drug addict, lesbian, depressed and many other shenanigans.”

She added,

“I hereby declare that that is false and just cause I’m not on the spotlight doesn’t mean I’m depressed 🙄. BLOGGERS please watch what you post kindly stop writing/releasing false information just for views.”

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She concluded her statement saying,

“Have a great evening , and to all my loves out there thank you for always looking out for me if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have noticed this. ( I appreciate the concerns you shared via DM )


Natasha Ngegie.”

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