Akothee and Rue

Self-proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee has been on a rant since last week. She has been throwing shade at some of her family members and trolls who’ve been on her case and her daughters’.

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The Shengerea Mama hitmaker is never afraid of speaking her mind out and is always defending her children from bullies. She has called out the person who runs her secondborn Rue Baby’s social media accounts for posting ‘insensitive’ content that has led to her being trolled.

My children will have to learn the hard way, I am happy the devil is unveiling himself one by one, so this idiot running my daughters page subjected my child to online trolls while she in the middle of an exam, and things took a different direction that he could not control ?
If I take action, people will say, nadhulumu masikini.
Nowonder @rue.baby didn’t tell me & I cant catch her on fone Because she knows the person who messed her up, once messed me up, madam pick up that phone and answer the following questions,
My fans always alerting me when uji is served somewhere, help me protect this territory.
Someone tag rue to pick up that phone because I am burning. Although there was no reason to throw such insults at her! She personally didn’t even have an idea why she was being bullied, because the idiot now pulled down the post before rue saw it 🤔🤔 I wanna deal with this idiot one more time,’ she posted accompanied by the screenshot below.


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Akothee went ahead to tell Rue Baby to keep off social media and concentrate on her exams. She also revealed that she pays a lot of money for her fees at Strathmore university.

Just know that given the fact that you are Akothees daughter, triggers envy and makes others feel bad, people be abandoning & hiding their mothers like ARVS , and wish they were you. Listen, 👆 stay out of social media for now, until you finish your exams, that school fee I am paying in that your Strathmore is not 2 shillings, I need it for my retirement, I don’t want to lose it with divided attention. I need that money to buy illegal things and make myself happy 🤣🤣🤣🤣. You are not going to post anything until you finish your exams, I have a degree in insults and comebacks, I have seen what you haven’t seen in this world, so I have no chills 🙏🏾, I will not allow you waste your time exchanging with losers idlers, school dropouts, let me deal with them. I will watch these streets for you, I am already dealing with those idiots in your inbox . Worry not, I will serve them soup from their mother’s placenta. Love you my beauty @rue.baby . All the best in your Exams 💪 YOU ARE BETTER THAN THEM ALL. OTHERWISE, THEY WON’T BE BOTHERED. IF BEAUTY / CONFIDENCE WAS A PERSON.I WOULD CHOOSE YOU.

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