Mandela Ambasa, former Sarabi Band member, is finally going solo. Mandela, who was a lead vocalist, is about to drop an EP called Ona Sasa.


The Sheria hitmaker has been releasing songs that tend to fight for the rights of the common mwananchi.

“You can call me an activist, you can call me anything. I’m here to tell a story and speak what is right.”

Mandela goes on to say sin and ignorance have prevented Kenyans from seeing good leaders.

“There is politics everywhere. We don’t need to fight for people who don’t fight for us. We should start praying again, we are sinners that’s why bad things are happening to us, there is nothing political. Everything happening in this nation is because people are ignorant. People only want to see bad vibes. That’s why God has blinded them they can’t see good leaders. It’s gonna take long.”

He adds that he is bigger than a politician and even bigger than ‘the President you have right now.’

“I am not a politician, I’m the biggest person, bigger than a politician. I’m one of the greatest people than the president you have right now. Remember that!”

Mandela concluded by saying:

“Kenyans, you have no leaders, long time coming, lead yourself. Let’s pray. Pray for the best politicians. Pray for yourselves.”

Talking exclusively to Mpasho, the Hakuna Matata hitmaker said he and other Sarabi members are still friends but going through a transition period.

“Something happened to the band but not the music. Sarabi is alive, the music is alive. I believe it’s a transition period that everyone is going through, we were once boys, now we are men. The music must also take formation. Going solo has nothing to do with breaking Sarabi. On a personal level, we are still friends.”

The now solo artiste is ruling the airwaves with a song called Fantastic Love.

Here is the exclusive interview;