Pendo shocked everyone when she decided to become a good girl and turned away from her socialite and controversial lifestyle early this year. She even warned people from calling her a socialite and took up the title of an ‘entertainer’.

Remember that this is the same lass who slept with Nigerian star Davido and even carried his boxers to show them off as prove that she was not making it up. Jeez who does that? Only a socialite can!

She kept true to her words when she said she is embarking on building her music career and went ahead to drop a love song dubbed ‘Sometimes’, which was actually received with positive feedback from her fans.

Forget Scandals and Nude Photos, What Pendo Did Here Might Shock You! (Video)

Well, we expected another single to drop by the end of last month, but this has not been so. We hope she won’t fall into our list of one hit wonders!

Pendo has since stayed away from the limelight and it has been alleged that she might have found the love of her life, hence the silence. But now there is a new rumour in town, that the former socialite may be pregnant due to her sudden weight gain.

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