“I’m about to crush this iPhone 6 and just send smoke signals,” wrote an angry Bien Aime Baraza.

Saudi Sol’s lead vocalist was ranting on Facebook after finding out that the new iPhone 7 advert on YouTube did not feature a black model.

This was more so considering that “The titanium chips used in the iPhone’s are mined in war torn Congo,” he added.

Read the entire rant below;

Bien Aime Baraza


We are not sure if he did crush his own iPhone to pieces. However, his followers on Instagram weighed in on his post.

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the_happy_soul wrote: “So if there were a black person on the add and the titanium was still mined in congo, you wouldn’t crush your iPhone??” Adding, “I think us africans just don’t realize how much we are worth. So we let them have it. Or we burn us ourselves. See Nigeria and their oil. See Africa politics.”

Bien responded, “Not particularly and you do have a point. But my point is just how Africa always gets the shortest end of the stick. Well then, I guess we’re on the same page. There is never enough we can say or do to emancipate our people.”

bernardchelimo wrote, “True @bienaimesol… Unfortunately I’m reading this post via my iPhone.. Sijui nitupe hii phone pia???”

kachero_vii wrote, ‘Kuna mwafrika when they are advertising the Airpods.”

bienaimesol responded, “@kachero_vii of course their cheapest product.”

dancanrafikivwrote, “Neo-colonialism brother…Africa is still run by corporations that are based in Europe or the west,and East is coming for that pie to…So all the profits made are siphoned to build condos and mega mansions.You ever wonder how EABL and Safcom make billions in profits and the story ends there..where does the money go bro??and when they cant take your money,they will make you fight your brother because he is light skinned or doesnt speak your mother tongue while stealing your precious metals..wake up people.”

gracie__michelle wrote, “@bienaimesol thank you so much for speaking out on this!! Most people don’t even know about this. I’m Congolese and feel very strongly about this. Thanks again ✊?”