Zari Hassan

South Africa based Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan has revealed that she’s broke.

The mother of five recently moved out of Diamond Platnumz’s’ house to her new mansion in Pretoria.

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Zari, who has been documenting the progress of her new house’s renovation process on social media says it cost her an arm and a leg.

Spent almost a million rands on renovations and furniture only on my crib. Am officially broke, not even mentioning the purchase price,’ she posted.

1 million rands is equivalent to $66,525.70 same as Kshs.6,868,778 million 


According to Pretoria real estate properties website, the house costs nothing less than Sh30 million.

She took to social media to thank the company she contracted to do the renovation for doing a great job.

Thank you  for the renovations done on my new home.
What a huge difference. Splash Coatings Africa is a Johannesburg based company that specializes in the manufacturing, supply and application of architectural and infrastructure coatings/paint. Their products are a balance between premium quality and affordability, including environmentally friendliness, excellent finishes and durability,’ she wrote.

Zari’s new posh home

Check out photos of inside the mansion

Princess Tiffah
Princess Tiffah inside their newly purchased mansion

Zari's house

Zari's house
Inside Zari’s living room

In a recent media interview, Zari clarified that the house she was living in (before moving to hers) was for her kids and not her estranged hubby, Diamond.

First of all let me clarify, the house belongs to our kids. Even though it is in his name, I was smart enough to seek investments that our kids can look on to considering the fact that they are in a foreign land. He can claim it, he has a right, if he wants to but I look at it as our kids’ house,’ she said.

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