According to (which you can check below), so far 850 Million people on earth are Secular/Nonreligious/Agnostic/Atheist. CCTV Africa business presenter Ramah Nyang is one of the few non-believers after he revealed his lacks of belief in the existence of God or gods in an interview with standard’s Peter Oduor.


Atheism is beginning to take root in Kenya with many people coming out to reveal they are non-believers and Just 5 months ago Mr Harrison Mumia, president of Atheists in Kenya said that;

God does not solve any of our problems, because He does not exist!

After the interview that was done 4 days ago, yesterday on a Facebook conversation with friends, the popular TV personality Ramah Nyang further went ahead to talk about his decision as some of the friends insisted on praying for him and converting him. Well, everyone is free to choose what they want to believe in or worship and so Ramah chose.

I’m an atheist. I was raised as a Christian in a Christian family, but as I grew older and studied it, in detail, I realised that Christianity adds no value to my life. As a way of life, it is untenable

-Ramah Said in the interview

Below is the post by Grace Kerongo that elicited mixed opinions on the subject, check out the comments to see how the conversation ended.