Bahati and Diana

Gospel artiste Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have been together for some time and blessed with two children.

The couple started after Diana first featured in Bahati’s Mapenzi video back in 2016. On the day the video was shot, Diana said she found her ex-lover cheating on her.

My heart was torn apart, it is the very morning that we were going to shoot the Mapenzi video that I found my ex-boyfriend, cheating on me. Unajua mimi huona hizi vitu kwa movie, sikujua hizo uhappen in real life. I found the guy cheating on me. I actually found this guy with a chick in the car and to be honest they were pants down. I cried my heart out that morning. I remember I went back to the house to try and get myself together, coz I was leaving for Bahati’s video shoot,’ she explained.


All of a sudden I see his car at the parking lot, I had called him severally but he wasn’t picking, I wanted him to drop me ama anipatie gari niende nayo. So I was like did he go out akalewa, akashindwa kukam juu kwa nyumba. So I went to the car smiling, by the time nafika kwa gari naona mtu ananiangalia akivaa Vest mbio. My face changed, walking near the car I see him throwing a blanket to this other chick. I went ahead and opened the car and people were literally naked. Ni ka vitu zilikuwa zishahappen sasa walikuwa wanamalizia asubuhi ndo waambiane Goodbye. I remember I was lost for words.

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Speaking on their YouTube Channel, Bahati said that he fell in love with Diana the first time they met and he knew she was the one.

Kama mwanaume, alijikaza kukatia Diana.

I kept texting you because I was single and had stayed for sometime without dating. Umekuwa single hivo sana then unashinda na vijana kama Weezdom watu wanaanza kukumistake. I needed to show my interest,’ Bahati said.

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He also revealed that he had only dated one woman, his baby mama Yvette Obura his entire life before meeting his current wife.

I had been in one relationship [with Yvette Obura] all my life before I met you. People should know that I’m almost a virgin.

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