Shame meme

A Radio Jambo caller has shocked many after she revealed that she was pregnant with her brother’s child.

Ni kama video ni kama ndrama! Woman confesses she’s sleeping with her brother-in-law, husband responds

During the Toboa Siri segment with Mbusii and Lion on the popular Teketeke show, the caller narrated how she broke up with her husband and later hooked up with her 27-year-old brother, whom she claims is handsome.

“Ilikuwa last year August, I broke up with my husband after a quarrel and went back to my parents’ home. After 3 months, my elder brother broke up with his wife and we started dating,” she said.

The 22-year-old woman said she’s now two months pregnant.

“I’m now two months pregnant with his kid. My parents and siblings don’t know about it. We’ve kept it a secret between us,” explained the caller.

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She went ahead to disclose that she wants her parents to know about the relationship.

“When parents ask me about my pregnancy, I tell him it belongs to my husband. I want my parents to know that I’m pregnant because I feel guilty.”

The bold woman has praised her brother for being a bedroom bully, unlike her husband who can’t fulfil her conjugal rights.

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