Popular Nigerian homosexual Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju commonly referred to as Bobrisky aka Male Barbie Doll is not new to controversy. The bold gay socialite, who spent millions on bleaching and is known for his flashy lifestyle, is always giving women a run for their money.


Back in 2011, before fame and money, Bobrisky was arrested for stealing while dressed as a woman. Bobrisky was caught and arrested at a bar in Lagos, Nigeria when a man attempted to fondle him, but instead of him feeling ‘her’ bust, sachets of water fell out of his chest. He was subsequently arrested and paraded.


He was arrested and later confessed that he did so in order to deceive men into parting with their money.

I went into it in order to raise money for my education. After my secondary school education, my father told me he could not afford money for me to buy JAMB form.
Again there was nobody to help me because I am a man. I realized that men do not help their fellow men but women. Then, I decided to start dressing like a lady to deceive men and get money from them but I do not sleep with them. Whenever it gets to that stage, I stylishly excuse myself.”

Bobrisky, who is known as the king of Snapchat thanks to his thousands of followers, has confessed that he is a high-class prostitute and soon he will be going for a butt enlargement surgery.

The no-nonsense homosexual has vowed to send women away from their matrimonial homes very soon.

Bobrisky took to Instagram to tell off ‘her’ haters. Here is the message he has for them

“Hi guys, can you all just give me 10 seconds of your time? Thanks. This is my throw back picture (above) which some of you know. I’m sure some of you know me when I was like this. Did anyone one of you say oh Bobrisky you look so hungry take this small money to add to your living? No now that I’m Bobrisky after suffering for many years without nobody and now that I own a house in Lekki, driving the latest Benz, Toyota and also travelling from one country to another you all wanna open your disgusting mouth to insult me.

May God punish you all who say sh*t about me. I hustle so hard before becoming Bobrisky so YOu all should leave me and mind your business. Some of you all will still say I bleached my skin lol ?. Yes I bleached my skin and am happy because that is one of my most income ?coming in into my account because I sell my cream to people. Hate or love, Bobrisky is known over 20 countries if not worldwide. I can give examples I made so much money In London my last meet and greet. Now am on USA ?? tour which each state promoters pay me dollars not Naira for my meet and greet. So I will advise some of YOu to go find YOur own hustle and don’t condemn others. Thanks love YOu all.”


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