Kiss FM radio presenter Kamene Goro has said that she is a living breathing young sponsor due to the many men she has given cash while they were dating.

According to the voluptuous damsel, “Some of these men can even smell her money from a million miles away.

Speaking during her morning show ‘Morning Kiss’ alongside Andrew Kibe she said,

‘I have given guys cash so many times. Men can literally sniff that I have money. The sad thing is that most of the time I give guys the cash they do not refund. I am a living sponsor, but nowadays once I realize that a man will not pay me back I ignore them.’

‘You are evil,’ Andrew Kibe slams Kamene Goro over her infidelity

Kamene Goro

She added,

‘You might be my man and nakufeel but you are going through a problem. Am I not supposed to help you?.

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Andrew Kibe was quick to correct Kamene not to get things twisted as she was dating men who were below her level both socially and financially.

‘Who are this men you are dating that keep asking you for money? There is something wrong with you and the men you are dating. It feels good to pay bills as a man? It means that you are dating a man who is below your level.’

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