Carol Kamweru, one half of the girl group BandBeca has finally spoken about her viral wedding with comedian Eric Omondi and eventual “honeymoon”.

She was the finalist of comedian’s reality show dubbed Wife Material. So, were any feelings caught in the shooting of the show?

Carol clarified, “I like him, but love him, no. For the reality show, I went with the flow. I don’t do that with everything.”

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Asked how she can kiss someone and pose so suggestively with them and not have real feeling behind it.

Carol told Massawe Japanni on her show,

“I’m a human being, I felt something. feelings don’t just disappear. But I have to say, I’m not in love with Eric. I like Eric. The kiss was not scripted it was good vibes when it happened.”

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Becky from the girl group said she did not kiss Eric on the show out of loyalty to her fellow bandmember.

“No, I did not kiss him after Carol had. There was serious chemistry between them.”

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Carol said that the rationale for being on the reality Show, Wife Material, was so that they can promote their album called Beca Fever.

Massawe asked if they were paid for making an appearance on the show.

Carol said, “We were working and we cannot answer that question because we signed an NDA but the flip side of it is that our page has grown, we have visibility for our brand. The strategy was to release our music because now people will listen to what we have to say.”

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