Njambi Koikai

Njambi Koikai is a strong woman.

Njambi Koikai

The former NTV presenter is battling with endometriosis and life has never been the same for her.  Njambi has been in and out of hospital and she currently needs sh10 million to travel abroad for further treatment.

‘This has been the greatest test of time I’ve ever experienced,’ cries Njambi Koikai as she prepares to go under the knife

 In her latest post, Njambi Koikai has revealed that apart from battling with endometriosis, she has also lost a lot of weight. She also said that she has lost important people in her life, jobs and been in wrong relationships.


“I’m in my 30s. I’m 41kgs now. My body has been ravaged by endometriosis. Last two years have been the craziest. I’ve buried the most important people in my life. Lost my jobs. Lost my company. Lost and lost. Wrong relationships. I’m in right and great relationships all around now.
I want to encourage any of my followers out there. I choose to believe in God. I choose to remain steadfast. He has proven to me that only He alone restores. He alone repairs. He alone replenishes. He alone recovers. We just need to be patient and remain faithful.
I’m a believer,” she wrote in part.\

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Njambi, who is hoping that well-wishers will help her, disclosed that she was born and raised by a single mother.

“I spent this afternoon with my grandma’s friends and they were praying for me. We prayed. We cried. I felt all the love. I was born by a single mom. That means I was raised by the community. I’m a child of God. I’m a child of the ghetto. I’m a child of the people.

I can’t even believe how far we have come. I just can’t. My story is changing right in front of me. The testimony is loading. God has been faithful.
I’m not here to fake it till I make it.
I’m here to show you that we can break all those barriers and make it with God.”