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A woman in Pipeline Estate in Embakasi was stunned when she witnessed something that is only seen and heard of in those uchawi movies. The illuminati!

According to accounts in the Nairobian the woman whose name is Lilian Atieno, had been invited over by her boyfriend Owuor for a drink in his home. She then went to his home and found him drinking alcohol with two other men.

Her boyfriend offered her some but she declined as she says that she was born-again. She then went to bed. Lilian was then awoken by her boyfriend later on in the night. Why? Apparently the two men she found in the house with her bae were church members who wanted to go with his kidney. Ati!

No way meme
No way meme. photo credit:

Lilian also explains that she had earlier heard Owuor complaining over the phone to someone. Owuor’s compliant was that he had not been paid 20,000 shillings for delivering a child to the unknown caller.

These two incidents were ample reason for Lilian to go ballistic and start screaming:

“Wewe ni illuminati!”

Her loud praying and screaming forced the watchmen in the flat to throw her out at 4 a.m. When contacted, the flats caretaker dismissed Lilian’s claims and called her a noisemaker from Mathare.

Claims about the Illuminati in Kenya aren’t something new. Avril posted a screenshot this week that showed that people form the Illuminati had tried to recruit her. She posted:

Avril, illuminati message
Avril, illuminati message

At least Avril could see the humour in the message unlike Lilian who completely freaked out. But what would I do myself? Probably wail like her. No, most likely ran out that mad-house like a bullet.

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