Africans are very funny, great and creative people. They make the world a happy place.

Are you African? Are you proud to be one?

Well, here are the things that define real Africans.

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If you have not done or gone through any of the things in the list below or you’re unfamiliar with them then you should be ‘Miguna Migunad‘ (deported).

  1. A person with dreads is a thug

2.  If you are poor umerogwa

3. Keeping the broom behind the door

4. When you get rich people say that you have joined Illuminati

5. When you take a shower, they ask where do you want to go?

6. Keeping some plates and cups aside specifically for visitors

7. Baada ya kupika chapo lazima zihesabiwe

8. No natural death in Africa… Your enemy is always the cause

9. Kujinusa makwapa to determine whether to bathe or not… kama hainuki twi, hakuna kuoga

10. Urinating behind the toilets

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11. Wife always sleeps next to the wall

12. If you’re a widow and a Kikuyu landlady you killed your husband

13. Eti hesabu ya chapo lazima ijulikane.

14. Mkipika kuku eti ni lazima mzee apakuliwe thighs

15. The father or first born son eats gizzard. Women are not allowed and it’s not to be shared or else you will fight forever.

Shocked meme lol
Shocked meme lol. photo credit:file

16. Ukiwa kwa matatu kiti ya deree ukiwa mwaume mwanamke akikuja unashuka ili akae katikati yenu na dereva

17. If you give birth to daughters only, you are not supposed to be the first person someone meets, most are associated by bad omen.

18. You’ll tell if one is Kenyan when they ask your second name

19. Serving Children With Soup Berore Meat When Eating

20. Watching football on TV set, but listening to the translated version on a radio.

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21. Kuosha ngotha na maji umemaliza kuoga nayo

22.  Kuweka steel wool kwa mkebe then unaeka maji isirust