Victor Kinuthia

Victor Kinuthia, who became a celebrity overnight must be a happy man.

The Inooro TV presenter, who was mercilessly trolled for fumbling with words during live coverage of the arrest of Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro.

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He trended online and this saw many especially journalists pat him on the back for trying out something new.

He even attracted the attention of BBC World Service radio.

Citizen TV reporter

Victor Kinuthia now has a new role and will be reporting live on the Sema na Citizen show that airs every morning from 10am on Royal Media Services Citizen TV.

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Well, taking to social media, Kinuthia said he will never forget that night he stepped in for Citizen TV.

I will never forget this night, sijui kizungu ilienda wapi, nikachanganya past, present and future tense. kusweat ndio hiyo kutetemeka, kizungu ku evaporate, then ambulance ndio hiyooo kale kazungu kalikuwa kamebaki ikabeba…

In support of Victor, Hussein Mohamed twitted,

In many professions, you hide your mistakes. In journalism, you broadcast them. So give Victor Kinuthia a break. Was his first live link in a chaotic scene. He’ll learn like many of us. Let’s revisit this when he makes it in a few years, In Sha Allah.

Laura Walubengo tweeted,

We have all been laughed and mocked for being an embarrassment on air. I was even advised not to use the name Walubengo once. But you get better. And skill is a muscle, you shape it, tone it and work at it. All the best.

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