Jacky Vike who is popularly known as Awinja has eulogized Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula as a man who ‘changed’ her life.

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Speaking during the burial of the legendary actor who succumbed to Covid-19, Awinja who plays the role of Papa Shirandula’s niece said,

He is the one that changed my life. Ile maisha naishi sahii, experience nimekuwa nayo, everything i’ve achieved including working with big brands, it is Charles who nurtured my talent. The Awinja character has opened a lot of opportunities for me. I am not saying this because he’s dead but every time I used to appreciate him for supporting me.

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She advised people to be good to others and always appreciate them and not wait to praise them after death.

tuambie wenzetu tunawapenda wakati wako hai, don’t wait for them to die so that you can praise them in death,’ Awinja said.


Ametuwacha na kidonda kubwa kwa sababu hatukuwa tuu colleagues but we became a family. we’re hurt and personally I’ll miss you Ango (UNCLE). RIP.

Charles Bukeko was laid to rest in a private ceremony in Nanderema, Busia county.

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