Kavirondo beauty CEO

American-based Kenyan businesswoman Ceasarine Nyaseda has launched a beauty line inspired by the history of the Kavirondo women and her childhood (cities where she stayed).

Kavirondo beauty

Running under the title Kavirondo Beauty, the matte lipsticks, now available in Kenya, comes in a range of 10 varieties named after native Luo names and Kenyan cities. Some of the names include Y’mbo, Kwar, Lwanda, Naxx, Nyali, Lavi, and Dúq, just to mention but a few.

Kavirondo beauty

Her website says: “Described in ancient times as the people who sit on their heels, the Kavirondo name is synonymous with royalty and strength. Kavirondo women proudly showed off their status adorned in jewellery made of precious metals, bright-colored beads and unique aesthetics.

“Known for their fierce attitude and avid hunting skills, Kavirondo women fought side by side with their men, protecting their land. Kavirondo Beauty celebrates All Bold Princess Warriors through our vibrant Colours inspired by these Brave, Resilient Women. Wear Colour Boldly and unleash the Fearlessness within..”

The brand owner told Word Is her lipsticks are meant for African women. In December, she’s launching her makeup foundation, which will include all shades that will suit women of African origin.

Kavirondo beauty CEO

How has business been so far and who is her target market?

“The business has been amazing. I started in the US and I’m happy it has picked. A lipstick goes for Sh1,600 and our target market is the everyday woman; the middle class.”

Nyaseda says her journey has not been easy and apart from stiff competition, entry into the Kenyan market was also a big challenge. She says she’s looking forward to launching more branches in Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Kavirondo beauty

The beauty and brains lady has a PhD in marketing and has worked with different beauty contests, the latest being Miss University Kenya, which happened on Saturday at the Carnivore Simba Salon.

“I’m happy to have done my first gig in Kenya just after launching my lipstick brand. I have worked with Miss Kenya Seattle, Miss Kenya San Diego and next month, I will be working with Miss Kenya Germany edition,” she said.

Nyaseda has applauded the African fashion and beauty industry for growth over the past few years and urges stakeholders to “stick to our uniqueness”.

Kavirondo beauty

She’s a great fan of First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and describes her fashion as “fabulous”.

“Margaret always leaves heads turning whenever she steps out, and her sense of African fashion tells much about her. She appreciates our culture.”

Ceasarine is also proud of Lupita Ny’ong’o and describes her as “the precious jewel of our land”.

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