Marijuana aka Weed aka ‘Bhangi’ as our parents refer to it here in Kenya is one of the illegal drugs that many people are fighting to legalize.

In the past year, a lot of countries and states have mad it legal for recreational purposes but African countries are still in the cultural box and are not ready to make such moves.

Kenya might just be the first Africa country to a make it legal after Kenneth Okoth decided to draft a bill to the speaker seeking for it to be passed and discussed in parliament. Ken-Okoth

  1. All those who have been arrested because hey were caught in using or growing marijuana to be released.
  2. For here to be regulation for the growth of Marijuana and registration  but should be protected against children.
  3. For marijuana to be used for industrial, recreational and textile purposes.
  4. And finally in the case it is legalised for it to be taxed.Ken-Okoth

I really do not know how the debate will go considering all the chaos that was there during the debate as opposed to what we had in parliament.

Sharon Otieno’s last whatsapp message to Okoth Obado’s wife, revealed!

Here is a copy of the drafted bill by Ken Okoth.

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