Pastor Robert Burale has asked men to appreciate women who abstain from s3x before marriage very seriously as they are a rare gem.

In a time where the world is filled with slay queens who are after money, Burale says

Any woman who says no to s3x before marriage is wife material and any man should wed such a woman as soon as possible.

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Burales adds that if a woman you are dating pushes you for s3x just deny her

Any time a woman asks you for s3x if you have not paid for her dowry deny her until you two wed.

Robert Burale

He adds

A woman who keeps her thighs closed is definitely wife material.

Once you two have been married you two can have it even on the floor for all we care.

Burale adds that the narrative that a man/woman should do a test drive before marriage is exaggerated.

There are people who do a road test and end up in accidents.If you are married it is ok if it not then just abstain.

According to some Kenyans sleeping with a woman before you have wedded her depreciates her value.

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In the past Burale who is a big advocate of abstinence had confessed that he has not laid with a woman for years.

Burale who was married to Rozinah Mwakideu said that abstinence is Godly and that is why he practices it.

Below is a response on his claims that he has been celibate ever since the marriage broke down, five years ago.

By the Grace of God, I have managed to abstain. Only a fool sits on fire and expects not their bum to get burned.

You avoid situations that will take you that way.

Robert Burale and ex-wife
Robert Burale and ex-wife Rozinah

He adds

People and even pastors out there said that I was lying.

I hide under God because I am not an old man and I don’t look bad.

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