Akothee a.k.a madame president has a thick skin.

Trolls and bitter men cannot penetrate it with useless jabs at her. She relishes that and uses the jabs to respond appropriately to the trolls without disturbing her pearls. Don’t mess with her, please.

Just the other day, she had the opportunity of representing Kenyan at the One Africa Musical Festival alongside the best of the best in the African music industry including, Tekno Miles, Awilo Longomba, Flavor and Diamond among others.

The event was held in Wembley and despite the fact that Akothee was new to most of the people in the audience, she killed it.

Dan Aceda applauded her for that considering he understands the struggle as a fellow artiste.

Now anybody who knows anything about performance knows how difficult it is to resonate with a foreign audience. It takes work, A lot of hard work. That’s why what Akothee achieved was so impressive. She was not playing to an audience that knows a lot about her and they were going wild. She was introducing herself and she got them to buy in THAT much! Congratulations Madam President!

Dan Aceda, a Kenyan Benga music star decided to give his two cents on Akothee’s performance including her viral photo of her stage performance.

So a person went and put herself on a stage in Wembley (the real one). At one of the biggest African music concerts, there is right now. That person was only the second Kenyan (as far as I know) to play on that stage and the only one this year. It’s a person who has built herself. She has collabos with the two top Male artistes in AFRICA. The only artiste of this generation that can say that right now. Those two videos have approximately 10M views. On that night she was sharing the stage with some of Africa’s biggest names.

Of course these events have photographers and when our madame boss came on stage, she surprised us with her outfit. Looking all Beyonce like, photographers took the worst moment of her performance.


Let’s be honest even when you dance, there is really not a pretty face you make. There is also that one time you will bust a move and the captured moment will not be all glorious.

The net went crazy when the photos were share of Akothee’s energetic performance at the concert. This later just caused a lot of noise on social media where they were just ridiculing her despite the achievements.

The fact that she shared a stage with all those African artiste and meeting Tiwa Savage and Wizkid. All that needed to happen was appreciating Akothee’s best by putting out there the best picture from the concert.

This did not rub Dan Aceda the right way. This literally pissed him off. And he had to address the issue.

Mtakomaa! Akothee’s daughter fires shots at critics

Usually when somebody doesn’t like something they just ignore it. But Michael Okwiri and other distinguished well-educated guys like him, went out of their way to find the least flattering picture to share and to ridicule somebody else’s achievement.

They could have ignored it if they didn’t like it. But no. Find the worst picture post that and share everywhere. Do the best you can to delete somebody’s win. Even though there’s no way that win would have diminished you.

This is the type of malicious uncultured shit that education and good manners is supposed to delete from us.

Akothee on stage

Others who went ahead to troll Akothee on social media were not spared. Dan Aceda calls it as it is saying it was pure sh*t and those who were trying to bring her down shame on them!

If you were a part of that stupidity SHAME ON YOU! …. BE BETTER TOMORROW!

Seeing that he is an artiste, he thanked Akothee for carrying the Kenyan flag high and proving to artiste whether upcoming or those who’ve made it that you can always reach for the stars.

Thank you Akothee for reminding us that we can always reach for the stars!