Wema Sepetu

Diamond Platnumz’ ex-lover Wema Sepetu has revealed the reason why she said she was HIV positive.

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The former Miss Tanzania while speaking to the media during a press conference said,

I am very fit, I do not have any disease. The body I have right now is the body that I have loved. People started knowing me while I was petite then added weight and when that happened, people spoke a lot.
Fans sometimes make us angry. So I read a comment that angered me and I was agitated. At the end of the day, I’m a human being, I have feelings. If you want to diss me, it’s okay as long as I am happy.

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‘God protected me from getting HIV/AIDS,’ shouts Diamond Platnumz

The 2006 Miss Tanzania gained weight and while dating Diamond, she was over 100kgs. Talking about her weight loss journey, she said,

I used a lot of things. I was desperate because my weight was also affecting my career. I took medicine, I starved myself, I have dieted for about a year and some months.

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Apart from Wema Sepetu , Ray C’s drastic weight loss also left many wagging tongues.