On Friday, 3rd April, all roads led to City Cabanas for the biggest reggae event where the Jamaican artiste Bushman performed. Unlike other concerts or events where you will find different groupings; depending on where they are from, reggae fans best known as Rastafarians are the coolest people, they  are peaceful, they believe everyone is equal.

The fans, being patriotic, painted the venue with the colors of the Ethiopian flag red, yellow, green and gold. The color red stands for the Church Triumphant, which is the church of the Rastas. It also symbolizes the blood that martyrs have shed in the history of the Rastas.


The green, gold and red are the colors  show the loyalty Rastafari feel towards the Ethiopian state in the reign of Haile Selassie. The red, black and green were the colors used to represent Africa by the Marcus Garvey movement.


Here are some of the fans who rocked the reggae attires