Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir has responded to trolls who are constantly criticizing Joho’s fashion stating that all he does is flaunt it.

Not once nor twice have we seen Joho’s fashion sense outshining his role as governor but he is unapologetic.

Speaking during the commissioning of the 28 high-density fibreglass boats for Beach Management Units in Mombasa he said.

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‘People talk about the expensive clothes and shoes he wears today. but they don’t mention or know that he went to Tom Mboya primary school with torn clothes and shoes.’

Governor Joho and Mvita MP Abdull Shariff

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Nassir asked,

“When he was going around Mombasa selling vitumbua (a type of Swahili pastry) nobody talked.

Now he is travelling all over the world, people are unhappy. What do you want?”

He said that God chose them to be leaders in Mombasa because He knew there would be challenging moments requiring their resilience to solve problems.

‘The governor has gone through many tribulation. from being accused of drug trafficking to being humiliated by the government during his political war with Uhuru. He has always emerged victorious, though sometimes bruised.’

Ali Hasan Joho
Mombasa governor, Ali Hassan Joho

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Joho went on to state there will always be haters and critics.

“Abdulswamad, don’t bother with those. Haters are the same wherever you go and in whatever you do. It is their habit. Their hearts are impure. They will never change,”  Joho said.

He said,

“I have seen a lot. ‘Oooooh! The governor has worn an expensive shoe.” Wear yours too. If you don’t have them, persevere. We also did not have them at some point. ”

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