Waihiga and Joyce Mwaura
Waihiga and Joyce Mwaura

If there are people believed to not be romantic at all, are Kenyan men. And this is because most people say they are stingy or don’t the patience or romance to plan something nice for their significant other.

It is just recently that Kenyans have started normalizing gifting their partners and some men take the initiative to be a better version of themselves. Here are some Kenyan men who try to be romantic.

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Kabi Wa Jesus

The husbae Milly Wa Jesus and popular YouTube couple have been known for doing the most. Kabi on his own takes the initiative to shower his wife with gifts. During her 27th birthday, he broke the bank to ensure she felt appreciated.


He has been known to constantly surprise his wife, gospel star Size 8, with gifts and he does that whenever necessary.

Phil director

He gifted his wife Kate actress a push gift which was a car after she had given birth to their first child together. This was a big deal since us as Kenyans had rarely heard of push gifts.

Simon Kabu

The owner of Bonfire Adventures. He gifted his wife, Sarah Kabu, with a Range Rover for her birthday and they constantly go for holidays. He also bought her a holiday home.

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Terrence Mwangi

He proposed to his wife, Milly Chebby, in the CBD which was a big surprise since she didn’t expect it at all.

Waihiga Mwaura

He is always there. The Citizen TV anchor and husband to Joyce Omondi is always there for his wife. He surprised her during Valentine’s Day and even showed up to support her during her last day at work.

Joyce Omondi shared an appreciation post about him saying,

“I love this man, @waihigamwaura #theonehekeptforme ❤️He supports me in ways I can’t even explain. Perhaps a story for another day 💁🏾‍♀️.’

It is great to see men becoming more romantic and appreciating their wives, even the ladies should do so.

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