Kenya is actually a rich cultural diverse. Stop saying we are broke! Hunny, you are broke.
Kenya is a driving nation.
Funny thing is that you can actually identify a tribe with a certain car.
When you hear those loud turbo sounds you definitely know an Indian is passing by and he is driving a Subaru. And when you see a merc, you know who you are dealing with.
Here is a list of some cars that are identified with certain tribes:
1. Nissan – Kamba

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This is based on an observation that most Uber drivers who drive Nissan’s are kina Mutua and Musyoka (Kamba’s). And the car is very sensible and fuel efficient.
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This needs no explanation. Any car that can make money for a Kikuyu at his/her convenience, they will run for it. Probox is one car that can act as a wheelbarrow, a taxi and a pickup. Haiumiangi.
3. Subaru – Indians
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All Subaru’s have some loud turbo noise and when you peep into the driver’s seat, it is almost, if not always, an Indian driving. They know their ay around a Subaru engine and how to fine tune it to their rune. They are Subaru engine whisperers.
4. Succeed – Somali
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These are the type of cars that you will find at every street corner in Eastleigh. They are also commercial cars used as taxies. The driver is always a Somali. Why? The seats are like a bench and they live almost 7 in a house so it is basically like a matatu for the fam. Kila mtu kwa stage yake.
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Jakwom! Luo is a calling, you do not land into that calling if you are a mere commoner, you have to be a mini deity of sorts. Luo’s signature statement is the Mercedes car key. Nothing more to add. If the car infront of you is a Mercedes, it belongs to a Luo. Period.
6.  Porshe – Coast guys
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For the sake of Uncle Joho, we have to acknowledge that when you see a Porche, you always remember his luxury machine. Also a Porshe is a cool suave machine and very easy on the eyes. Just like coast dudes. Smooth MF, those.