A man hunt has been launched for Mugo Wa Wairimu who was recently exposed by a local media house for allegedly sedating and raping women who went to seek medical services at his clinic.

Shocking! Popular Blogger Mugo Wa Wairimu Accused Of Raping His Patients (VIDEO)

Mugo Wa Wairimu is said to have gone into hiding after rowdy residents of the Githurai 44 threatened to burn down his clinic. Inspector General Joseph Boinet has issued a warrant of arrest for Mugo Wa Wairimu and called upon any Kenyan who has fallen victim to the “quack doctor’s” tricks to report to CID Headquarters.

Mugo Wa Wairimu’s Clinic Under Siege (Photos)

Mugo Wa Wairimu later on took to social media to defend himself saying that only foolish Kenyans can believe what is being said about him and that some people are just smearing his name in bad faith. This is what he wrote on Facebook;

“I’ve just watched citizen 7.00 pm bulletin. And the medical board says the alleged rapist is neither a doctor nor a nurse… Only an idiot kenyan can believe such hogwash. So where did this “rapist” come from? From Mars or Neptune? How has he managed to run such a big institution without their knowledge? Let them all resign and spare Kenyans crap. One of them has just been trying to prevail on me to “at least show remorse to cool public anger”… Remorse? For what? You only express remorse for what you’re guilty of. My lawyer advised me to postpone any social media engagements for now, but I’d to respond to this hypocrisy… I’ve posted to inform, not to attract comments.”