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Losing a parent is very painful. It’s a sad moment that no child should go through. Recently a young Tanzanian girl, who sat for Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE/KCSE) found out that her family had passed and buried while she was in school.

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Her family was headed to her school for prayer day before she sat for the exams but didn’t make it to wish her success in her exams.

The touching human interest story has gone viral and Kenyans who lost their parents while sitting for KCSE exams have narrated their sad experiences.

Here are some of the emotional stories;

Elvy Obinga Sad indeed, my mom died just a week to my final exams in University. I requested the family to preserve the body until I sit for all my papers. They agreed and the body was taken from mortuary the following day after my last paper. I still thank the lecturer who advised me not to skip the exam because of death. Took most of my time designing her funeral program instead of revising for the exams 😭😭😭

Linda Otieno My mum died a day to my exams in form 3..I had to do my exams since it was the last term. She was in the mortuary for 2weeks just for me to finish my exams. The day I finished I went to mortuary straight from school 😢

Munyua Joyce We lost mum on 1st October 2019. My bro is still in school waiting to sit for his last paper on Friday. I hope I didn’t affect him much

Gesh la Bae I found out my mum died and was buried a month later, I used to call her phone and my cousin wud pick and tell me that doctors refused to pick up kolz, I send her a message reminding her not to forget our shopping plot during holidays 😭😭😭😭,only to kam home a month later and I was taken to her grave, rip mother, I love you

Agade Zindoli My mum died in March while I was in form four and I cried the entire year. I never did my holiday assignments, visiting days were scary, I hated closing days because the house felt so empty. May God comfort her, it’s not easy.

Lydia Henrie My dad died when I was sitting for my KCSE and my sister had just finished her KCPEexams. It sure is soo painful for anyone to go through this!

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Demtilah Wangilah I remember my dad passed the day I started my KCSEe exams. It was sad going to the exams and later to the mortuary. Up to date I just don’t know how I passed the exams. Continue resting in peace papa

Roselyne Fita My mum passed on, a week after I had sat for some KNEC papers, that was on second November, I was informed and my uncle took me home because it was on a Saturday, I cried the whole day then on Sunday I was taken back to school to continue with my exams, the following weekend My principal escorted me for burial ceremony then I reported back on Monday to sit for my last paper( agriculture pp2). Up to date I have not come in terms with my mum’s death.

Rose Mueni soo touching my friends, my mother died when i was doing my kcse exams which after completing I found she was buried a week ago the pain im undergoing through its better waited me to face the reality

Freud Sigmund Jr. Lost my dad a day after I completed my KCSE, its a very sad experience

Steki Justin Had the same dilemma when my Mum passed on just a week before commencement of my brother’s KCSE last month… Had to ensure he gets closure by attending the funeral because I believe it’s a remedy in itself; never hide such news however sad they may be.

Lucy Achieng My mum died wen iwas doing my kcse and sis kcpe too bad my sis was in aday school me boarding she had to do her exams mum akiwa moutuary and my dady said was nt to b told.I till came home na exitment ya kumaliza seco and find abig tent with relative waiting for me to cm dio mum atolewe kesho yake, it was too painful ! 😭😭icn neva foget ,my sister failed and hard to repeat. Doing kcpe na jioni ni matanga kwenyu for one full mnth wasnt easy has they waited for me to cleare my kcse its sad so sad.

Abiyah Yisrael My mom died while my elder sister was in a critical condition in hospital, I didn’t know how to break the bad news to her. We had to Burry my mom without my sister. It’s hurt her till date

Pahe Mwachiro There is a girl in Matuga girls Kwale county doing KCSE and her mum succumbed 2 wks ago due to childbirth complications.I’m just imagining how she will react akipata hizo habari, so sad

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