wiily paul

It seems Willy Paul is one guy who always wants to be the topic in people’s mouths.

I mean, everyday he has done something that is either controversial or just plainly annoys the s**t out of people’s mind. Maybe that’s how he rolls, but he’s pushing it too far.


A few weeks ago he was up and running pulling publicity stunts that are not even worth a penny. He’s always trying to show people that he’s better than his nemesis Bahati. His fans have had enough of his shenanigans as they told him to decide between spreading the gospel and pulling lame publicity stunts.

Willy Paul Akona Game! He Finally Reveals How He And His Wife Alaine Met! (VIDEO)

Willy Paul recently released a music video dubbed ‘I Do’ featuring Jamaican singer Alaine. Before dropping the video, he teased photos of the two together claiming that Alaine is his girlfriend and since there was already a trending topic on Prayer Partners courtesy of Bahati, he too claimed Alaine was his prayer partner.


But for some reason it seems Alaine may not be feeling him as much as Willy Paul is feeling her as she is clearly not interested in kissing him. Willy posted a video on social media and Alaine couldn’t bare to kiss him as she turned her head away from his humongous lips.

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Hi fans did not spare him as they laughed their lungs out;

amos_deguzman: Lakini ata kama hii ni song mi nko sure willy hii maneno ulikula…..

blessed_son_254Sema: kuhatishwa munju

makoriedna: Tafta kama size 8,Gloria, kambua,masika ndo regular rhyme scheme yako.Alaine achia kina redsan

mutungajoe: Chief, ungeenda secular tu kushinda ukihaibisha gospel artists. By thr ngoma zako kwa club uea zinaingia vizuri then when am sober

sethlunanijr: Hiyo kiss ilikuwa wiper?

Watch the video below.