Kenyans have come out to narrate their horrible experiences after being drugged in either clubs or other public places. They were also robbed in the process.

While some were left with some coins in their accounts others were left high and dry.

*Ken (not his real name) narrates

Monday morning I’m going to safcom to renew my line, I realize I have no ID. I check my wallet and realize I don’t have my Atm.

I rush to equity and baggas have left me with a balance of 230 Bob. They can only block the account from further transactions.

I have to rush to huduma center to get a new ID I get that they now charge 100bob which I don’t have.

I rushed to a friend’s establishment and he gave me 2k. I replaced Id… Blocked atm on Equity, bought a 1 k phone but luckily the hadn’t touched mpesa.

Even after reporting nothing was done to salvage the situation.

After reporting to the cops, the cop at Kasarani o/b desk tells me that’s like the 4th similar case that’s been reported from the same club.

I try getting cctv footage of the same night from the club management and the Manger takes me round and round for two months.

I try to use the investigating officer but as you know probably she was already reached by the club.

Ken added that by the time Equity was done with ‘investigations’ the crooks had withdrawn 30K.

She totally refuses to pick up my calls. Equity keep telling you that they are doing internal investigations.

By the time of reporting they’d withdrawn 30k from equity Zimmerman and a few agents and the rest of the balance was used up in online transactions.

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Another Kenyan narrated how a night of fun turned out to be the worst mistake of his life after his phone and cash were stolen.

Kindly don’t expose my identity. March this year I walked into a club along Mirema Road ‘The Attic at around 3am Sunday morning. one thing led to the other I found myself dancing with a certain lady. I don’t know what exactly transpired but I remember her grabbing my phone before later that day they dropped me home.

People dancing in a club

I think they were only so generous because whatever they gave me had me blubbering everything they could have stolen. They literally dropped me about 300 yards from the crib because it’s like they feared they wouldn’t hack in an out. In my approximation this was around 2 pm. I woke up at 6 pm… No phone no cash but it didn’t bother me since I still had my wallet.

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*Jane (not her real name) said she escaped narrowly after her drink was spiked.

I was in campo, we use to go to Sailors in Hurlingham a lot. So this day, as routine, my girls and I go there. I was the only one working, so by default, drinks on me. Kumbe as I buy drinks these chics were checking us our. Kidogo a chic comes to me and asks me if I have tampon ama pads I help her… I say sina but let me ask one of my pals if they have (they were dancing and I was sitting down). The idiot in me left my drink with this chic.

Jane said she woke up days later and was confused and hazy for like a week

I come back and we give her the pad… si kinaendelea kukunywa. Kidogo I start feeling like battery ya music inaisha I see people moving in a haze…

I run to my pals… Sijui ata kama nilifika. Luckily, they didn’t steal anything from me but I woke up 2days later… and I had headache and confusion for like a week.

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