Ian Nene and a friend

Former Machachari actor Ian Nene alias Almasi has no kind words for a fan who questioned his sexual orientation on his Instagram.

Ian who is based in the United Kingdom could not keep his cool and we can see why.

He shared a photo of himself and a white guy and the fan was quick to ask if that was his bedmate.

“Is this the guy you sleep with or?” posed the curious follower even as he placed a laugh emoji at the end of his question.

Ian Nene and a friend.


But Almasi could not hold on and instead responded in a savage manner to the fan who was much concerned with his love life.

“Have you forgotten it’s your father I always sleep with?” the ex-Machachari actor retorted.

Almasi and his friend

This is not the first time Almasi has been trolled,blasted over his sexual orientation given his fashion sense is sometimes on the extreme.

The fan responded

‘Ei ume catch tena . Kumbe ni ukweli haiya 😂😂😂.’

Ian had captioned the photo

‘Eternal Friends to. Eat Together, Pray Together, Slay Together 🙈☺️❤️ #Rafikiiiiii’

But this photos have left us wondering if this are the kind of photos men take with their best friends.

Ian Nene and his ‘friend’.

Do you believe Ian’s sentiments that the guy is just a friend ama mambo kwa ground ni different?


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