Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe  is among the few local celebrities who seem to be eating life with a big spoon.

You Will Not Believe Which Multi- Millionaire Huddah Monroe Hangs Out With Nowadays (PHOTOS)

The controversial socialite who is in Europe for a business trip seems to be enjoying every moment spent in the foreign land. Just like Vera Sidika who prefers hanging out with “REAL” men so is Huddah. The petite socialite took it to social media to reveal that she prefers to hang out with men and not boys reason being that boys are broke and confused. She further revealed that she would rather settle with a 90-year-old guy than be with these cheating ass boys.

“I don’t hang out with boys. I hang out with MEN! That’s just me. . I would settle for a 90 year old than be with these cheating ass, confused , broke looking ass boys ! Respect my decision . I created this account alone! #NOboys,”

she posted accompanied with the photo (below)

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