nairobi diaries

Controversial reality show Nairobi Diaries is one of the most criticised TV  programmes around, if I’m not wrong. Although I don’t watch it, I often come across savage comments about the show and its cast on various social media platforms.

If it’s not about their poor grammar, is about their dress code and even how they fight each other. The struggle is real and you need to fake it till you make it.

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Popular local sexologist Maurice Matheka is among those who can’t stand Nairobi Diaries. According to Matheka’s social media post, someone asked him to watch a few episodes of the show but he didn’t like it at all. After watching, he concluded that most of the

After watching, he concluded that most of the lasses have bleached their skins, they can’t construct a grammatically correct sentence and they b*tch a lot.

“Someone asked me to watch a few episodes of Nairobi Diaries. I must say I was curious about the production but now I have a pounding headache….

How can women bitch so much, how do you live life just looking for trouble and bitching about other people…. Who in their right mind would date these women!!!!

How do you bitch about hair, shoes, who has a car and who doesn’t…. who has a better house…. REALLY! I have never seen so much detachable hair….

Lastly, the men on that show are just a pathetic excuse of some form of lower grade men *collectively they have massacred the English language. 

Then you have the bleached faces, why are they not sponsored by JIK,” read the sexologist’s post.

The post saw many support Matheka’s sentiments and here are some of the comments;

Njonjo: Just date / marry shags chics. Less headache, more savings, more investments.

Maurice Matheka: I would rather suck my dog’s c*ck than tolerate any of those women, absolute b*ll*cks!

Amina: The women in that show they are called Nairobi shosholittes.

Nyokabi: That show.. watched it once and my brain cells were dying one by one. Agggrrrhhh.

Lucy: I can’t point one individual there who’s learnt proper English..they should change the name to “Ghettolicious”.

Mbula: Sure they talk of class they’ve never and will never acquire anyway. Maurice kudos!