Eric kissing Carol

BandBeca singers Carol and Becky hit headlines a month ago after featuring in Eric Omondi’s reality show ‘Wife Material’.

The finalist was Carol, who made the cut as the ultimate Wife Material.

Well, they held a well-choreographed wedding and eventually had a ‘one night-two days’ honeymoon at Kenya’s coast where the waters are crystal clears and the white sand beaches are magically surreal.

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Anyhow, Carol was on Bustani La Massawe where the host Massawe Japanni asked her if the ‘marriage’ was consummated.

“We did not sleep in the same room if that is what you are asking. We also had the crew and everyone slept in separate rooms.”

The reason, Massawe and the rest of us are sceptical is because come on! Did you all see the bathtub photos and videos with Carol and Eric melting into each other’s arms as the soapy water caressed their bodies? Come on!

Carol still insisted, “Nothing happened!”

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It was all for reality show people.

Asked if she at least protected herself, Carol giggled and said,

“Nothing happened and if it (pregnancy) ever happened I would keep it. But no babies yet. we have another baby our album, Beca Fever will soon be out. It was the main reason we were on the show. To promote it.”

The duo was bashed online after Eric announced that the programme was all fake, even after saying he had wedded Carol.

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Carol said the show helped them grow musically.

“I like Eric but I do not. We went to promote our album that will be released next month. People did not know about us as musicians and also we gave people something to smile about during a boring season.”

Carol admitted to having been body-shamed.

“It had to be real then and everything I did in the show is what I was feeling at the time. The only time we got backlash was about kissing. Most of those who body-shamed us were fellow girls.”

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