Grace Ekirapa
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Grace Ekirapa has revealed that if she was not in the media she would have been a criminal investigator or an interior designer.

In my other life, I would have been a criminal investigator.

My friends say that I have second eye and that I can see things even before they happen.

I believe that is a gift God gave me.

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Grace also talked about her passion for interior decor during her interview with Malkia Africa Production.

I love my space and I like cleaning, I like things arranged in a particular way. I love colours in syncrony. My friends would refer me to as an OCD. I am obsessed about Interior decor.

Grace also added that contrary to what people believe she is actually claustrophobic.

Claustrophobia is a form of anxiety disorder, in which an irrational fear of having no escape or being closed-in can lead to a panic attack

I cringe when I get to crowds, I am that person that will go sit in a corner.

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