Classic 105 breakfast show presenter Maina Kageni is living on the fast lane.

Maina’s recent sleek acquisition is the talk of town.

His latest toy is a one of it’s kind. A BMW 2020 X6 sDrive40i.

Maina Kageni’s brand new 2020 BMW X6

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On his first day after returning to work, Maina talked about his machine on air.

His co-host, Mwalimu Kingangi congratulated him for acquiring the ride that has made him the envy of town.

Mwalimu said,

 ‘kayamba for Maina Kageni on returning to work. Magazeti wata penda, he bought a dream car and it’s the only one in East and Cental Africa.’

Maina then gave more details about his BMW.

It’s the only one of that mode. How can I describe the color? It’s a dark metallic chocolate.”

The BMW X6 has many features that car pundits claim will make you ecstatic.

Here is how much it costs according to Car Buzz website.

“The X6 range starts with the sDrive40i, the only rear-wheel-drive variant. It’s the most fuel-efficient model in the range but still provides strong acceleration. Inside, Vernasca leather is standard and the front seats have power-adjustment, including four-way lumbar settings.”


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Maina explained that his love for life is the reason why he is not sparring any expense to make it worthwhile.

“Life is short and you should enjoy your life whichever way you find, those kind of cars are my devil, aki I have worked hard, my God, you gotta enjoy your life, if you can afford something get it, life is not a rehearsal.’

Maina Kageni’s brand new 2020 BMW X6

Mwalimu Kingangi resonated with his school of thought.

He replied to Maina saying,

‘You deserve it unafanyanga bidii.’

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