Bahati and Diana

Bahati and his wife Diana have been the talk of town for weeks now after rumors surfaced that the baby, Heaven might just not be his as he sought for a DNA test. The story went viral and they have kept a low profile regarding that topic ever since.

Bahati and Diana Marua

Massive trouble in heaven! Bahati orders secret DNA test to verify daughter’s paternity

Bahati has recently been bashed by fans and trolls after sharing a post on Facebook asking what he should name their second-born son.

This was Our Veeeryyy First Date 
 What Name should we give our Second born if it’s a boy???

Bahati and Diana Marua pregnant

This did not go down well with  their fans. Read more of what they had to say here.

If that post did not raise questions in regard to their parental status, well I hope this one does. Diana is also now accustomed to the social media life. She took to her social media to share a caption that raised our eyebrows.

She said:

Our cups are yet to overflow even I, know I won’t be able to comprehend the blessings that are about to come our way 🙏🏼💃😊

Okay now, this is just weird. Is the blessing the baby boy her husband Bahati was talking about? Are they ready? We can only wait and see because Bahati literally feeds us with his day to day activities on social media.