Award winning actor Pascal Tokodi has recieved a lot of criticism for telling the president of the republic of Kenya Uhuru  Kenyatta to watch his TV show, Selina.

This happened yesterday when they had a chance meeting.

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Speaking to Massawe Japanni today morning on her show Bustani La Massawe, Tokidi defended his decision.

“Sijali. I had my two seconds with the president and he supports local talent. If I had more 15 more seconds. I would look at what I do for a living. The struggles that we go through in the entertainment industry. I am living my life and I am happy with Grace and so we keep pushing.”

He added that the trolls don’t faze him.

“Checking out the comments, I am used to the trolls at the end of the day words dont hurt. I am a very positive guy.”

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Tokodi narrated how after he met the president he went home and woke up his celebrity wife to tell her all about it.

“Grace alipata shida, I woke her up at night to tell her that I had met the president.”


“I regret I did not get his selfie. My dad has a photo with the President and so it would be so good.”

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