Diamond Platnumz father
Diamond Platnumz father

There have been fake messages going rounds in Tanzania claiming that Diamond’s father, Mzee Abdul Juma was dead. Well, the celebritys father has come out to say that he is alive and well.

Abdul went on to say that he will be suing anybody who shares such fake news.

Nawaambia waandishi wa habari. Yoyote ataandika habari akama hii tena, Nitamshitaki. Unachanganya watu…Sasa hivi mtu akifanya kitu kama hicho, nitaenda na yeye sambamba nitamfungulia sheria. 

baba Diamond

Abdul is the father to two Tanzanian celebrities, Diamond Platnumz and his sister Queen Darleen who are both under WCB.

Their father has been suffering from a knee problem, and he says his kids haven’t helped him as much as he would like. He told Mwendokasi TV that:

as his parent, I would like him to help me, just as he has been helping others and i believe there is a day that he will do that. 

Adding that:

Everyone knows that I am ailing. I’m in the process of getting to know what the problem is. My daughter from London is the one helping me.

He says that he will appeal to the public to offset his hospital bill.

I’ll tell my fellow Tanzanian the hospital bill and plead with them to help me. 

Baba Diamond

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